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Tips for Perfect Skin – a modelling essential

perfect modelling skinSome people are blessed with naturally clean, clear skin and others have to work harder for that smooth, clear complexion. However, models can’t afford to leave their skin condition to chance.

There are several steps you can take to ensure your skin is always perfect, including ensuring you have the right vitamins, eating and drinking well and protecting and treating your skin. Read on to find out more!

1.     Vitamins for modelling quality skin

It’s important to have a healthy, balanced diet, which contains all the vitamins and minerals your skin needs. Vitamin B, C, E, A and K all help to keep your skin fresh and glowing.

Vitamin B forms the basis of skin, nails and hair. You can find this vitamin in foods like oatmeal, eggs, rice, bananas and even Vegemite.

Vitamin C protects your skin from sun exposure, protecting against skin cancer. Vitamin C is common in foods such as oranges, bell peppers, cranberry/grape juice, cauliflower, and leafy greens.

Vitamin E also helps protect your skin against sun exposure, and can be found in foods such as olives, spinach, nuts, seeds and vegetable oils.

Vitamin A is essential for repair of the skin tissue - without it your skin will look dry and flaky. Vitamin A is found in fruits and veggies - so load up!

Vitamin K helps reduce dark circles under eyes, as well as bruises. Vitamin K is hidden in leafy green vegetables, dairy products, and meats such as pork and liver.

2.     Foods for perfect modelling skin

As you may have realised from the information on vitamins, the key to perfect skin is lots of fruit and vegetables! Also great for good skin are nuts, rice and eggs.

3.     Water, water, water

There’s a reason supermodels claim to drink eight pints of water every day. Water cleanses out the system of toxins and keeps your skin fresh and glowing.

4.     Protect your skin from the sun

Sunlight is one of the most damaging things for your skin, as can be seen from the leathery tone of people who have spent a lifetime in the sun.

So, even if you’ve had all the right vitamins, it’s imperative to always wear sunscreen, and preferably sunglasses and a hat as well. That even counts for people with darker skin! Just because you don’t burn, doesn’t mean your skin won’t be aging faster – shortening your modelling career.

Choose a sunscreen of around 30 to 40 spf, one that is skin-friendly, and waterproof. Also consider lip gloss that contains sunscreen to protect the delicate skin of your lips.

Be careful to apply it evenly, and not miss any areas. Watch yourself carefully as you apply it to check where you usually miss. Don’t over apply either!

Even with decent sunscreen, in sunny countries it’s best to avoid the sun altogether during the hottest part of the day – around 11am – 2pm.

5.     Choose a good cleanser and moisturiser

Avoid harsh chemicals and stick to simple cleansers and moisturisers that are suited to your skin type.

Wash your skin two to three times a day, using a small dollop of cleanser. Make sure you thoroughly clean your hands first, otherwise you’ll be transferring all kinds of nasty bacteria to your face.

Hot water is better for oily skin, lukewarm water for other skin types.

Note – for under twelves, it’s a good idea to skip cleansers and moisturisers altogether and wash only with water. It may seem like it’s not having much effect, but water is an extremely effective natural cleanser.

After washing your face, always moisturise. Learn the right amount of moisturiser to use – too much and you could irritate your skin and make it look oily – too little and it won’t be able to take effect.

6.     Give your skin a treat

Once a week you can give your skin a treat, a mask or even yoghurt or a hot steam. It’s best to find out what type of skin you have and choose a treatment appropriate to it.

If you suffer from acne, don’t be tempted to use harsh exfoliants, instead dab a small amount of tea tree to affected area, or steam your face with water that contains a few drops of tea tree oil. It really is an extremely effective remedy.

More extreme treatments for skin include retinol cream, which contains vitamin A and glycolic peels. How, you must be very careful with these products and not overuse them, because they give your skin a fresh look by removing the top layer of skin. Do it too much and you could casue serious damage.

7.     Exfoliate

The skin is constantly growing , renewing and replacing itself, and if the flakes of dead skin are not cleaned away, they can trap dirt and bacteria underneath, leading to acne. Use a gentle exfoliator about once a week to clear away the dead cells and give the new air to breathe.

Follow these seven tips and you’ll be well on your way to having modelling perfect skin!