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Time for Print Modelling (TFP)

Time for Print modelling is when models and photographers work together for mutual benefit. It refers to the model’s time being exchanged for the photographer’s prints. In most cases no money is exchanged.

Both parties should benefit from the arrangement, as the model will get good quality professional prints to use in their portfolio without having to pay for a photographer’s time, and the photographer gets a model for a particular project without having to pay upfront fees.

This kind of arrangement is much more likely to be carried out between individuals who are starting out in their respective industries as it reduces initial outlay.

time for print modellingConditions of Time for Print Arrangements

There are no standard conditions for Time for Print, the arrangement will be unique in each situation – and this makes it very important for the terms of the arrangement to be clear and in writing to avoid confusion or disputes later.

A contract should be signed by each party that details:

  • How many hours will be required
  • Where the shoot will take place
  • How many prints of what size will be provided  to the model
  • Whether the model gets to select prints or if the photographer chooses
  • What restrictions there are on use of the photos by either party
  • Who is responsible for any expenses incurred
  • Whether digital copies of the images will be provided
  • The time period in which the images should be provided
  • Whether the model will be required to do any semi-nude or nude shots

Usage of Time for Print photographs

Rights of usage are important to define in a Time for Print modelling arrangement, as well as copyright ownership. This could range from both the model and photographer having the right to use any and all of the pictures however they choose, to them only being able to use a mutually agreed selection for a limited purpose, such as a particular website or magazine advert.

In the United Kingdom, a photographer is not allowed to use photographs for commercial purposes without a ‘model release’, in which the model gives express permission for their use.

However, unless otherwise stated, the copyright of the photographs will automatically reside with the photographer.

Alternatives to Time for Print Modelling

Sometimes Time for Print is also called Trade for Print or Test for Print, and occasionally Print for Time. Also, because of the rise of the Internet in the past decades, digital versions of images can be more useful than hard copies, leading to a variant of this arrangement is called Time for CD, where a selection of images is provided on a disc instead of prints.

Time for Clothes is another alternative, where the model is given some or all of the clothes that were used during the shoot.

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