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Safety Tips for Models

Due to the high volume of pretty young girls involved in the modelling industry, perhaps it’s not surprising that a lot of unsavoury characters target aspiring models. So it’s extremely important for aspiring models to be streetwise and not get themselves into dangerous situations.

Don’t be blinded by flattery

Saying what you want to hear is the greatest weapon of the con-artist. They know that you’re more likely to do what they say – for example go with them to a hotel room, or strip off more than you’re comfortable with – if they tell you that you are the most beautiful person they’ve ever seen and you could definitely be a model, or even a famous actress! Be wary of people that are overly flattering. Genuine people in the business will not be overly gushy, they’re more likely to be realistic and toned down in their assessment.

Don’t go aloneSafety Tips for Models

If you are going to a photo shoot that hasn’t been arranged by a modelling agency, it’s a good idea to take a friend or parent with you, who’s happy to wait around nearby in case of emergency. If you are under 18 this is absolutely vital – and no reputable model client would allow you to come without your guardian if you are under 18 anyway. If they insist you must come alone, then run a mile.

Make sure people know where you are

Before you go to a modelling shoot with a new client, make sure people know where you are – including the full address - and if necessary arrange for them to call you at a particular time to check that everything’s going fine.

Research the client / photographer

If possible do some research on the client or photographer. Most established and even new photographers will have a website and you should be able to see from their online portfolio if they are the real deal or not.

 You can also make judgements based on how professional their website looks. If the pictures are good quality the website clean and well laid out, then it shows they take their professionalism seriously. However, if they website looks homemade and scrappy, you need to be more wary.

Obviously, if you go onto the website and all of the pictures are nude, you need to be sure you’re going to be comfortable with that, or able to withstand pressure, should it arise.

If they don’t have a website at all, then it’s a good sign they’re not a serious photographer.