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Petite Modelling

Petite modelling is becoming more and more commonplace, as high street fashion stores try to cater to a wide a range of people as possible.

In the past, short or petite people may have had to resort to shopping in the children’s departments of retail outlets, but these days, as well as finding clothing sized specially for them, there are whole lines, ranges and departments of clothing designed especially for the smaller figure.

Petite Modeling AgenciesMajor retailers such as Littlewoods, Debenhams and online store Asos have large sections dedicated to petite clothing, everything from party dresses to casual tops and jeans.

The number of major fashion designers who go to the effort of manufacturing their clothes in smaller sizes is also growing. In the past few fashion designers catered for petite, but now top designers such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein are keeping the smaller figure in mind.

Also, there are more and more specialist petite fashion labels emerging, catering only for smaller sizes.

All these clothes need models to show them of at their best.

Petite models are usually around 5’2” to 5’7” with well-proportioned bodies, and they still have to have the usual model requirements of clear skin, healthy hair good bone structure and good teeth. As petite modelling is even more competitive than normal modelling, it’s more important than ever for these models to have the right personality and attitude for the job.

There are some dedicated petite modelling agencies, but regular modelling agencies also sometimes have a petite section.

Some types of modelling will be much harder to break into for petite models – for example high fashion and catwalk modelling, where they can pick the tallest, skinniest models. However, catalogue modelling or advertising campaigns for high streets stores will provide much more opportunity. The best work will be for specialist petite clothing linesz

Aspiring models who don’t reach the minimum requirement for modelling may also want to consider breaking into the industry through alternative routes, such as beauty pageants