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Mother Modeling Agencies

A mother modelling agency is a kind of middle-man (and it can be a man or an organisation, despite the name!) who helps you on your steps to becoming a model. You could compare the mother model agent to a literary agent who finds authors a publisher (modelling agency).

Mother modeling agencies

The role of the mother Modelling agent

A mother model agent should fulfil a number of roles.

Preparing marketing materials

Mother modelling agencies usually have plenty of photographer contacts and can help build your portfolio and create a great comp card.

Getting a foot in the door with modelling agencies

They will usually have contacts in the larger agencies and therefore will be able to give you an advantage, so you’re not just turning up out of the blue, but are expected, and even recommended.

Grooming a new model

They can help teach new models about what to expect from the industry and can suggest changes (such as hair styles and way of approaching modelling agencies) that may help improve a model’s chances of success.

Help finding local modelling work

Mother agencies may be able to get a model local modelling work while they are building up their portfolio, in preparation for approaching one of the larger national or even international fashion modelling agencies.

Do you need a mother modelling agent?

In the past mother model agents could be very helpful in introducing new girls and boys to the modelling industry and helping them take their firsts steps without wasting time and money. But these days, a lot of the kind of information that they will offer can be found for free on the Internet, so a diligent aspiring model should be able to learn a lot of the tricks of the trade directly.

So the main question you need to ask yourself if considering a mother agent, is where are you located, and where is your mother modelling agent located?

If you’re located in a big city, then you’re in a pretty good position to access the main modelling agencies yourself. It’s true the mother agency might have contacts at the agency and will be able to give you an edge over the other hundreds of hopefuls, but you have to decide whether this is worth the cut of your pay that it’s going to cost.

However, if you’re located out in the sticks, and the mother agency is located at the centre of the action, it may well be worth having them in the right place to represent you with the major modelling agencies. They can save you lots of extra travel and time, by testing the water for you, and setting up genuine bookings.

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