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Modelling Work

modelling workWhat is modelling work like?

There are many different types of modelling work, from runway to photographic to on location to exhibitions. The type of modelling work will depend on what is being promoted (the vast majority of modelling work is about promoting a product or fashion line), and the brand and image of the client.

Runway Modelling work

If the client is a top fashion designer, the modelling work is likely to be at a prestigious fashion show in a capital city, and will involve hours of preparation of hair and make-up, often very extreme looking, then a few hours of intense, high pressure work as models are required to walk the catwalk with perfect grace (and without falling over!) and change between many different outfits very quickly.

Photographic modelling work

Alternatively, studio modelling work may be much more relaxed, but take a lot longer. Hundreds of outfits may need to be tried over several days. The model needs to remain fresh and relaxed looking, even though he or she may have been smiling and posing for hours on end.

Modelling work on location

On location modelling work may sound exciting – what could be better than spending the day on the beach trying on bikinis? But working outside of a studio means there are more elements out of control of the organisers. It may be windy and or cold, and the sun may only come out for moments at a time. This means the model must respond to the demands that arise, being ready for a shot with a moment’s notice, not shivering, and still looking like they’re having the time of their life whatever the weather.

Modelling work at exhibitions

There is also often call for models to promote products or even services at trade shows and exhibitions. Again, this kind of modelling work demands stamina and energy, as models are required to interact with the public and show a good face to potential customers, showing the client and product or service in the best light, even if they’ve been there since 8am.

Many types of modelling work

So there are as many types of modelling work as there are models. If you’d like to become a model, register for free using our form for a free consultation to find out what kind of modelling work might suit you best.