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From aspiring model to supermodel

supermodel modellingEverybody’s heard the stories about Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss being discovered by chance and catapulting to the big time. But in reality, building a modelling career takes time, and there are many steps along the way.

Early modelling work

A new model shouldn’t expect to get regular work, or to get paid very well for it. It may pay less than minimum wage, and be far from glamorous. Aspiring models may need to spend a lot of time going to castings and building their portfolio before they start to get remembered and requested by clients.

Building a portfolio of modelling jobs

As a working model gets more modelling jobs, his or her modelling portfolio will start to get bigger, and as this becomes more substantial, they will be able to demand a higher rate for modelling work.

Catalogue modelling jobs

Catalogue modelling usually doesn’t require famous faces, so models who are relatively new may be able to start earning decent money for this sort of modelling work. Many models may see this as a stepping stone to more exciting modelling work, but in fact catalogue modelling can be one of the best ways to earn a living as model.

Modelling jobs in editorials

You might expect that major fashion magazines such as Vogue would pay big bucks to models who appear in their editorials, but this is not the case. Featuring in a major magazine helps to build the models profile, and this work is highly sought after. Magazines take advantage of this by paying as little as $125 for a photo shoot.

Fashion show catwalk modelling

As with major fashion magazine editorials, you might expect fashion show catwalk modelling to pay very well, as these are the very top models. But in actuality, many modelling agencies force the model to pay their own expenses, including flights and accommodation, so at the end of the day the model does not earn very much.

Ad campaign modelling work

The reason models put up with the poor rates of pay and longs hours involved in editorial and fashion show modelling jobs, is in the hopes that it will lead to ad campaign modelling work. Landing a contract for an ad campaign for a major brand is where higher rates of pay really start to get involved – for example, booking with a major high street store could pay around $60,000 for a single ad campaign.

Becoming a supermodel

There’s no guaranteed way to become a supermodel, and there are hundreds of models and only a handful of supermodels, so competition is fierce. If you want to become a supermodel, the first thing to do is become a regular model, then work hard to get booked and rebooked! Be prepared to work hard for very little pay to begin with, and expect to cover your own expenses if you’re lucky enough to start raising your profile.

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