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At a Modelling Shoot

If you get booked for a modelling shoot – congratulations! You’re well on your way. Now it’s a good idea to make sure you’re prepared for the shoot and come across a professionally as possible.

Here are the top tips for making the most of the modelling shoot and maximising your chances of getting more work:

Be prepared

Find out as much as you can in advance about what’s going to be expected of you, to ensure you turn up appropriately dressed and made-up (or not). If possible, find out about the client, the more you know, the better you will come across

Be punctual (or early!)

Ideally, you’ll walk in the door dead on time,  but if in doubt it’s better to be early than late – even if it means you have to hang around outside beforehand. There are usually a whole team of people involved in a modelling shoot, and if you keep them waiting, you’re wasting a lot of the client’s money – which isn’t going to make you popular.

Network, baby!Modelling Shoot

Don’t be shy! Talk to as many people as you can – make-up artists, hairdressers, the photographer, and of course the client – plus anyone else who’s there. You never know who else they might know, and if they like you, they might mention you – and that could lead to your next modelling job. If you’re not sure what to talk about, the best option is always to ask people questions about themselves (though not so much you come across as nosy), most people love talking about themselves!

Stick to the programme

This means not discussing changing the rates of the job with the photographer or client, and not doing any more or less than what was agreed and booked in advance.

If you start discussing rates with a photographer, you’re going to very quickly get into the bad books of your agent, and that’s the last place you want to be. They are your greatest ally, and upsetting them will do you no favours.

As for not doing any more of less than what was agreed - it should be obvious why would wouldn’t want to do less, but regarding more - for example, if the job is for a lingerie shoot and the client asks you to just quickly do a couple of bikini shots against a beach backdrop, you must be very careful. Ideally, you’ll just tell them you need to consult your agent to see if that’s okay – and they will sort it out for you. If you do deviate from the booking, you may end up losing out – especially if your agent isn’t there to guide you. Which is probably exactly why they’re waited until the last minute to ask you in the first place.

Make a note of time spent

You should be supplied with paperwork to sign, which details how long was spent on the shoot and the copyright and usage rights the client requires of the photos. You should note down when the shoot started and finished, to the nearest 15 minutes. You should take two copies (one for you and one of the agency) and leave one with the photographer or client.

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