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Modelling Posture

Modelling PosturePosture is all about how you hold your body – whether you stand upright or slouch, hold your chin up or look down your nose, sit straight or lean to the side.

Good posture is important for all people, because it can have a long term effect on your health. For example, sitting badly in front of a computer screen for years, or walking badly can weaken and wear down your bones and muscles at particular points. These physical problems may not become evident until it’s too late to easily solve it, and serious medical intervention needs to take place. In many cases, improving posture early could prevent this.

For models, posture is critical. Posture affects how you come across, how healthy you look and how your clothing is displayed. Posture is an all over body thing, it’s not simply about a high head and straight back – though that’s a good place to start!

Posture advice for models

Most people think posture just means standing up poker straight, sticking your chest out and looking straight ahead. But it’s not as simple as that.

Body balance

The first thing to check is whether your body is balanced and straight. Stand in front of a mirror, with a straight vertical indicator behind you, such as a pole or doorframe.

Look at your reflection carefully. Does your head lean slightly to one side? Are your shoulders even? If not, try to get everything even and see how it feels. The first step to good posture iis becoming aware of your body balance, and where there may be imbalances. Once you’ve indentified areas for improvement, you can start to make corrections.

Of course this doesn’t mean that when you’re working as a model, you’ll always stand bolt upright, never posing at an angle – but a model should be a blank canvas, and any angles should be deliberate, not ingrained. This is particularly important for catwalk models.

Height and Lift

‘Stand up straight!’

Well, yes, good posture is about standing up straight – but people often strain to stand up straight by stretching their neck, arching their back and even going on tip toes.

To get a real natural lift, and gain the most benefit of standing up straight, you need to think about your whole body. Start with your legs, make sure your standing foundation is firm, with an even weight on both feet. Legs should be straight but not locked. Then, rather than focussing on the spine, think more about your chest and lungs. Take a deep breath and feel your body lift and your spine extend as you do so. Make sure your head is light on your neck, and isn’t leaning forward. Finally, ensure your chin is straight out (not up or down).

Standing up straight in this way will give you natural even distribution of body weight and restore the natural curvature of the spine.


One of the most common problems when attempting to improve posture is that people get really tense and stiff – which is completely counter-productive. To combat this, give your arms and legs a shake out to make sure you’re not holding any tension, and take a few deep breaths. If you notice any particular areas of tension, focus on gently relaxing them.

Another reason to reduce tension is that it affects the balance and lift of your posture. For example, if one side of your neck has knots in it, your head will lean towards that side.

Good luck improving your posture, and if you'd like to register for a free consultation with oe of our modelling consultants, please use the form above.