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Top Modelling Mistakes

Approaching Modelling Agencies Wrong

A lot of aspiring models shoot themselves in the foot by giving a bad first impression to modelling agencies. Common mistakes are usually down to not doing research, not reading the agency’s website properly and in particular not reading guidelines for submission. People often approach agencies that are completely unsuitable, and with pictures that are completely the wrong format.

Believing what they want to hearTop modelling mistakes

It is the dream of a lot of young girls (and boys) to become a model. It seems like easy money, that will lead to a glamorous lifestyle with fame and riches. Believing what you want to hear can vary from the unhelpful – doting parents and other family telling their little darlings that they could be models when it’s extremely unlikely, leading to disappointment and heartache, to con artists approaching young girls in the street and insisting they could be a supermodel, all they need to do is hand over their phone number… The flattery can make even streetwise people lose their sense of wariness.

But what you might not expect is that new models have to be wary of listening to modelling agencies representatives as well. If an agent isn’t interested, they may come up with all kinds of reasons for the rejection, including too tall, too skinny or fat, or simply not having the right ‘look’ of the moment. So the advice is simply to hear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and ignore the rest.

Giving up too quickly

Rejection is a part of life. All the greats that are household names faced rejection at some point or another – it’s perseverance that separates the wheat from the chaff. Some people who wish to be models may send their photos off to one or two agencies and then if they get rejected, decide that they don’t have what it takes after all. But if you’re really determined, you’ll keep approaching agencies until you’ve exhausted all the options – and then probably try freelance! Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to have unrealistic expectations, but an honest balance between resilience and self-honesty is a must.

Trying to undercut the modelling agency

If you get signed by a modelling agency, you’ll find that when you go to castings, plenty of photographers or clients will ask you if you’re prefer to be hired by them directly and cut out the middle man. This may be tempting, as they may offer to pay you a bit more as they’ll be saving money on the agency’s fees.

However, this is a very bad idea. Not only is it unethical – the modelling agency worked hard to get you to that casting – but it’s poor long term planning, as you can be sure that modelling agencies that discover this going on will drop any models involved like a hot potato.