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Modelling in London

Modelling in LondonIf you want to be a model, the location is very important. In fact, it could make or break your career. If you already live in a major city, then that’s great news. If you don’t, then you may want to consider moving to a big city, if you’re really serious about becoming a model.

If you’re based in England, then London is the place you want to be to break into modelling. Not only is London one of the major fashion capitals of the world, it’s also where the vast majority of the modelling agencies in the UK are based. Furthermore, you’ll find the top photographic studios, fashion photographers, stylists and designers all based in London.

The major modelling agencies are based in central London, concentrated around South Kensington and Leicester Square. Major modelling agencies with offices in London include: Storm, Elite, Premier Model Management, Next Models, BMA Models and Models 1.

If your submission of photographs to a modelling agency is successful, then they will wish to meet you for a face to face interview, in order to suss out whether you’ve got the right kind of personality to be a model – and also to weed out the people who sent misleading photographs (people have been known send old photos, lie about their height or take a picture from a funny angle to hide a particular blemish).

As well as being a base for lots of major modelling agencies, London is the home of London Fashion Week, London College of Fashion and a host of world famous fashion designers, including Burberry, Jasper Conran, Karen Millen, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney, Ted Baker and Vivienne Westwood. London is also where  a lot of high street stores have their main offices, which means it’s the most likely place for modelling opportunities to arise, as the main executives making the decisions will not have too far to travel.