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Modelling Jobs

modelling jobsTypes of modelling jobs

There are various types of modelling jobs, including catwalk modelling, fashion modelling and catalogue modelling. Each different type of modelling has different demands, including location, length of contract and rates of pay.

You need to consider if you’re going to be able to travel abroad at short notice for modelling jobs, stay away from home for days or even weeks, work long hours, attend lots of castings and cope with irregular work, when deciding which type of modelling would suit you best.

A model needs to be flexible

As you might expect, modelling jobs are not like typical shop or office work. There are no regular hours, or even regular rates of pay. Each job is different, at a different location, working with a different team, and different colleagues.

Modelling jobs can be very irregular, with lots coming at once, and then big gaps between jobs.

If you’re going to do modelling work, you need to be prepared to be flexible and accommodating, ready to travel to a modelling job at short notice, start early and finish late.

Modelling jobs involve travelling

Catwalk models will travel all over the world to the top fashion shoots, and may need to stay on location for several days, even weeks for top modelling jobs.

Some fashion and catalogue shoots may also be based in exotic locations, requiring models to stay away from home.

But even the more common modelling jobs will be in different locations, including studios, showrooms and fashion shows.

Because of the high concentration of business and people, the vast majority of modelling work in the UK can be found in London. However, there are major agencies and freelance work to be found in major cities all over the UK.

How do I get signed to a modelling agency?

First research the market, or talk to someone more experienced and try to determine what kind of modelling jobs you’ll be best suited to. Once you’ve decided, approach modelling agencies in your area that handle your kind of modelling job. You’ll need to bring some good quality photographs to show how photogenic you are and how flexible your look is.

Be prepared for rejection – modelling is extremely competitive and agencies are approached by hundreds of new faces every week. Don’t be disheartened, just move on to the next one.

If you have no luck signing with a modelling agency, it may be worth considering going freelance to find your own modelling jobs. With a top quality portfolio, if you’re prepared to put in the leg work, you could find the work directly and cut out the agency fees.

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How can you get modelling jobs?

With an agent, or freelance, managing yourself. Once you become a serious model, you’ll need a portfolio, which will be shown to prospective clients. If the client likes your portfolio, you will be invited for a casting to see if you're suitable for a modelling job.

Many models will be at the casting, and the client will view each, and sometimes have a brief interview.

After the casting, the final models will be selected and informed of the date and location of the final modelling job shoot, as well as information like rates of pay.

Can I make a living with modelling jobs?

It is possible to make a career out of modelling jobs, though it is hard work and the competition is fierce. Particularly when you first get started, you’re unlikely to be getting enough modelling work to earn a living, even if you do get signed to an agency. Signing with a modelling agency is no guarantee of regular modelling jobs.

To give yourself the best chance of getting regular modelling work, you need to ensure your portfolio is of the highest quality, and be prepared to work hard at finding modelling jobs yourself.

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