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Modelling FAQs

How much money can I make as a model?

It varies greatly. The top supermodels can become millionaires, but this is very rare. Professional models can earn a living, but only if they are working regularly. Shows can pay from £200 - £7000, but expenses will be taken from that, including flights and hotel costs. Click here to read more about Modelling Expenses

What types of modelling are there?

There are all kinds of modelling! Most people think of a beautiful young woman when they think of a model, but there is call for male models, teen and child models and even petite and plus size-models. Other types of modelling include body-part modelling, glamour and look-a-likes. Click here to read more about Types of Modelling

Is there a minimum height to be a model?

There is no specific minimum height required to be a model, but clothes usually look better on tall, slender people so with such tough competition, agencies can pick and choose what they want. There is greater demand for tall models, but if you are smaller, it may be worth trying to break into petite modelling. Click here to read more about physical requirements for modelling

What’s a comp card?

Comp cards (also called composite cards, sed cards and z cards) are a marketing tool for models. The cards usually have a selection of the models best pictures on one side and his or her statistics, contact details and model agency name on the other. They are left with clients after castings, to help them remember who was who. Click here to read more about Modelling Comp Card