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Modelling Expenses

The vast majority of models are self-employed (even if they are signed with a modelling agency) and that means they are responsible for doing their own accounting and sorting out tax and expenses. Due to the nature of the work, there are quite a lot of things that are tax deductible, which wouldn’t be under normal circumstances.

Modelling ExpensesClothing, cosmetics, grooming, gym membership

Business people can only claim tax deductions for expenses that are directly related to their business, so for most people things like haircuts and suits don’t count – even though you could argue that they need to be well-groomed in order to meet with clients. However, clothes, make-up, haircuts, manicures and all other pampering things can clearly be classed as critical to the model’s career. Nice!

Marketing materials

These are obviously necessary for a model to get work, so the cost of photographers and studios for photoshoots, the printing and binding of portfolios, and the design and print of comp cards as well as postage of comp cards to clients, can all be listed under expenses.

Travel Expenses

Modelling involves travelling as part of work, and this can be listed under tax-deductable expenses. It can include taxi fares, flight tickets, hotel costs, car rental and even meals while you are away.

Admin Expenses

Being self-employed means some admin, whether you like it or not, but luckily, some costs can be offset here too. Training in being self-employed and handling your own expenses can be included, as well as telephone costs, postage and courier costs, accounting and legal fees, and stationery.

Professional development

Professionals need to keep educating themselves to stay at the top of their game, and models are no exception. Professional education and seminars may cover anything from being self-employed to catwalk training to test photo shoots to professional publication subscriptions.