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Modelling Comp Card / Z Card / Sed Card

getting modelling workA comp card (also known as z card or sed Card) is like a model’s business card. They contain a selection of the models best images (to show different aspects of their look), their physical statistics and their modelling agency, if they have one – and they are left with clients after castings.

What exactly is on a comp card?

A comp card contains a minimum of two pictures – a portrait and a full length shot, however, they will often contain a whole selection of images from the model’s portfolio, representing him or hair in a variety of styles (natural, dressy, sporty, etc). It will also contain the models basic statistics, including height, weight, shoe size, hair colour and nationality. Female models comp cards will also contain bust, weight and hips, and male model’s comp cards will include chest, waist and inseam.

The card will also include relevant contact details.

When is a comp card used?

A comp card can be left with modelling agencies to leave a professional and lasting impression. Modelling agents are very busy, and will usually see many people for a short time on a day that they are seeing new faces. At the end of the day, the modelling agents will discuss the aspiring models they have seen that day – and a comp card is a great way to show the model in the best light, and also prove that the person is serious about becoming a model.

Modelling agencies use comp cards to promote the models on their books. They display the comp cards in racks on the walls of their entrance lobby, and also send them via mail to photographers, producers, art directors, magazine editors, other modelling agents and other potential clients.

Finally, and most importantly, comp cards are used by clients to decide who to use for modelling work. Clients keep an index of all the comp cards sent to them, and use them (along with agent recommendations) to decide to who to view at a casting. Clients may have up to 1000 model comp cards in their index, so it’s important to have a comp card that looks professional and stands out.

Naturally, how good a comp card is depends on the quality of the photographs on it. That will be down to the professionalism of the model, but also the quality of the photographer and hair and make-up artist.