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People who work with models


Bookers work at modelling agencies and secure jobs for models. They will get to know the clients personally, often wineing and dining them.


Without clients there would be no models. Clients are often fashion designers, magazine editors, but they may also be business owners, or a range of other jobs.

fashion designerFashion Designers

Naturally, fashion designers often require models to show off their clothes. They may have ‘fit models’ who can demonstrate if some clothing will fit a particular size, and show how the fabric moves, and they will use runway models in fashion shows.


A model's hair has to be perfect, so hairdressers will usually be on hand at photoshoots and fashion shows to snip, spray and style.

Make-Up Artists

Professional make-up artists work with models, actors and anybody who is in the public eye. The type of make-up required for professional photos or TV work is completely different to a normal person just going out for the evening and make-up artists need to select the right products for each model and situation.

Modelling Agents

Modelling agents work with the models on their books to train them, do test shoots, build their portfolios and find them work. The agent is responsible for taking care of the business side of the model’s career such as billing, paying and dealing with disputes.

model agency photographerPhotographers

An obvious one this. While there is some live work for models at exhibitions, and of course runway modelling, most modelling is still photographic. So models are required to work closely with photographers, following instructions and contributing their own creativity.


Stylists are professionals in making people look good. They may be make-up artists and hairdressers, but they will also be able to select and outfit and the perfect accessories to go with it.

Talent Scouts

Although hundreds of people apply every week to modelling agencies to become models, there are still plenty of talent scouts who scour the streets, shopping malls and airports, looking for the new faces that fit their profile.

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