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Modelling Agency Policies


Booking times must be specified by the client in advance, and if the shoot runs over, the model’s time will be charged for in 15 minute increments. Common sense is usually applied here, and when the model is filling out a form, if the booking only went over by a minute or two, it would be considered impolite to charge for another fifteen minute block.

Overtime RatesModelling Agency Policies

Models usually get paid overtime (time and a half) on Saturdays or if bookings are for longer than eight consecutive hours. Overtime rates can also apply to Sundays and holidays, but are usually negotiated on a case by case basis. There are also special rates for underwear or nude work, but this is also usually negotiated on a case by case basis.


If the booking is cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice, then usually a cancellation fee will not apply. However, if it’s less than this the Modelling Agency may charge in full, unless the booking is rescheduled, in which case they may be more lenient.  Sometimes a ‘weather permit’ will be stated at the time of booking, and if the described type of weather is not occurring when the shoot is supposed to be taking place, it can affect the cancellation rates.

Travel time and expenses

Will be negotiated for each job, but typically, for jobs within a certain radius, the client will not be responsible for covering expenses or the model’s travel time. However, if the shoot is outside that radius, they may need to pay the costs and in part or full for the model’s time getting there.


As standard, a model may bring up to three outfits from their own clothing for commercial work, but the client will be expected to provide any specific clothing that is required. Naturally for fashion modelling, the client will provide the clothing!


Models are not the employees of the modelling agency, and work on a self-employed basis. As such they are responsible for their own tax arrangements.


Rights of usage of the photographs are limited to the specifics detailed in the model release document, and all other rights are reserved. If a modelling agency discovers a breach of these restrictions they may demand appropriate remuneration. Print rights are usually for one year, unless stated otherwise. The modelling agency also withholds usage rights until they have been paid in full by the client.