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Modelling Agency Contracts

A contract with a modelling agency seems like the holy grail for aspiring models, but unfortunately, too many models rush in too eagerly, and only find out what they’ve agreed to later.

Pressure to Sign a Modelling Agency Contract

Modelling Agency contracts are often very long and filled with legalise, and can be very daunting for anyone who’s not a lawyer, let alone someone who may be very young and inexperienced with contracts.

The contract will often be presented as a ‘take it or leave it’ offer, and the modelling agency may even pressure the model to sign it on the spot, saying that the offer will be off the table if the model doesn’t make up her or his mind right away.

But a new model should resist this pressure. If possible, take the contract away and genuinely try to read it, not matter how difficult it may seem. It may even be worth paying for the services of a lawyer to check it over. And, if there are any clauses that the model isn’t happy with, she can ask for the contract to be amended.

What will the Modelling Agency OfferModelling Agency Contracts

A modelling agency contract will never guarantee you work, and in most cases, it will be heavily biased in favour of the agency, offering you very little. This is normal and is simply there to legally cover the modelling agency. After all, they can’t guarantee you work, as you must complete with other models and it’s the clients who make the final decision. It’s in the modelling agency’s interests to promise very little and then overdeliver. Otherwise, if they have any written commitments to get work for models, if it’s not possible, the model will come complaining to them. This doesn’t mean that the modelling agency isn’t going to try their hardest to find work for you, just that it can’t be guaranteed.

Exclusive Vs Non Exclusive Modelling Contracts

Contracts should be very clear about what level of exclusivity is required. The modelling agency may only require the model to be exclusive within a particular region or country, or it may be worldwide. The larger the modelling agency and the more time and effort they are intending to invest in launching the model’s career, the more likely they are to have high exclusivity requirements.

Length of Modelling Contracts

Modelling contracts can range from one year to five years and they may be fixed, or it may be possible to cancel them from either side before the time period is up. Whether it’s good to have a long or short contract depends on the relationship between the modelling agency and model, and how hard each are working for the other.