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Modelling Agencies

modelling agencyWhat is a modelling agency?

A modelling agency is a company that matches models to clients who require models. They typically have a number of models ‘on their books’ and they develop relationships with clients in fashion and promotion. They range from big names to small local agencies.

What are the advantages of signing with a modelling agency?

The advantage of signing with a modelling agency is that they will look for work on your behalf and contact you to let you know about castings and modelling work. They may also have contacts and experience in the industry which can help you get more modelling jobs.

What are the disadvantages of signing with a modelling agency?

Modelling agencies take a big cut from your earnings, and if they also deduct expenses, the model can be left with very little after working very hard. Some agencies may require the model to sign a restrictive contract, stopping them from finding work through other channels, or tying them in for a long period.

Do I need to get signed to a modelling agency?

Not all models are signed to modelling agencies. It’s possible to work as a freelance model, or have a non-exclusive contract with several agencies. There are online directories and it’s possible to make your own website and self-promote if you decide to work without a modelling agency.

What cut does a modelling agency typically take?

You can expect to hand over around 20% of your earnings to a modelling agency. Some may be slightly higher or lower depending on the size and reputation of the agency. Check your contract carefully to find out if their cut is taken before or after expenses are deducted, as this will make a big difference to how much money you take home.

Which modelling agency should I approach?

It really depends on what sort of modelling you want to do. You’ve probably heard the names of a few large modelling agencies, but this is a fraction of the modelling agecnies out there. The big names to specialise in catwalk and fashion modelling, and can afford to be extremely picky. However, there are many smaller and specialist agencies that may consider you, including petite, body-part and plus-size.

How do I avoid modelling agency scams?

If a modelling agency doesn’t have a permanent address and asks you to attend an interview at a hotel, that’s a bad sign, and they are almost certainly not a real modelling agency. Also, if they ask you to pay an ‘administration’ or any other kind of fee in order to be put on their books, they’re probably not legitimate. They should also never pressure you into posing topless or nude if you’re not comfortable with it.

What do I do if I get turned down by a modelling agency?

Don’t give up! Just because you get turned by a few agencies doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to be a model. A lot of successful models get turned down at first, so if you’ve only tried one or two modelling agencies, it’s probably worth pressing on and trying a few more. And if you really don’t find an agency to suit you, you can always go freelance – register yourself on modelling directories and find the modelling work yourself!

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