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Modelling Attitude

Many think that being a model is all about looks, and underestimate how important attitude it when it comes to modelling. But having the right attitude and personality makes a huge difference between a successful model and one whose career flounders.

These are the most important traits in a successful model:

modelling personalityModels need to be outgoing and personable

It’s not good being a wallflower when models are required to work in new places, with new people at almost every job. Models need to be able to get on with people quickly, and the more the client or photographer likes you as a person, the more likely they are to want to work with you again.

You might have heard stories about divas throwing hissy fits, but you can be sure that that kind of behaviour is not normal in the modelling industry. There may be a top 0.1% of models who have managed it become famous enough to be able to get away with bad behaviour, but if you try that you’ll be slamming the door on your modelling career.

Models need to be organised and punctual

It may not sound very glamorous, but being a model is like being self-employed, even if you’re signed with a modelling agency, and that means you have to manage your own time. You won’t get booked twice if you forget about a show or casting or turn up late, keeping important people waiting.

Busy models will keep a diary, and keep it up-to-date. If you’re a scatty kind of person who forgets appointments and is always double booking, you’ll need to find a way to improve your organisation if you’re going to make it as a model.

Models need to be patient and willing to persevere

Most people who want to be a model have heard the stories about famous supermodels being discovered at shopping malls or airports, and dream of having a similarly overnight launch to stardom. But the truth is, only a tiny fraction of models are found through scouting, and even those that are have a long slog ahead to build their portfolios and get to the point where they’re earning enough to make a living, let alone reach celebrity status.

If you want to be a model you have to be prepared to work hard, spend time getting decent pictures, even building your own portfolio, and keep approaching modelling agencies, even after you get rejected.