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Modeling Agency Facts

modeling agencie factsMost modeling agencies have a minimum height requirement of 5’8”.

Modeling agencies take a cut of between 10% and 20%.

Large modeling agencies will have different departments to deal with different types of models.

There are many smaller, specialist modelling agencies who only deal with a particular type of model, such as children, alternative, petite or body-part.

Some modeling agencies require the model to sign an exclusive contract.

Modeling contracts typically last one to three years.

Modeling agencies will often stay open around the clock, rather than the usual 9-5 office hours, to cater for the international, and out of hours nature of the industry.

Modeling agencies require aspiring models to submit photographs and statistics for evaluation.

If the initial photos are approved, modelling agencies invite new potential models into their offices for interviews.

Modeling agencies are always looking for new talent to add to their books as their existing models move on.

Modeling agencies send out scouts, each of which has their own taste and preferred ‘look’.

Genuine modeling agencies don’t require a fee to join them.

There are lots of scam fake modelling agencies, posing as genuine modeling agencies.

Modeling agencts will work closely with clients, building up strong relationships over time.

Modeling agencies sometimes have open callings where they invite potential models for assessment.

Some of the most famous International Modeling agencies are Models 1, Next Models and Select Models.