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Male Models V Female Models

male modellingWe might like to think that there is equality in the world, but the truth is that your gender will have a huge effect on your entire life, whether you like it or not.

As you might expect, the modelling industry is an area where whether you are male or female will have a big impact on your career, however, in many ways this actually benefits females – for a change!

Fashion and modelling are heavily split between the genders, both in spend, opportunities and earnings:

Consumer Market Spend

It’s estimated that on average, women account for over 70% of the spend on clothing and footwear in the UK. This is largely due to women in general (of course there are many exceptions!) being more appearance conscious than men, and working harder to manipulate how they look. Women are judged more on their appearance, so it’s more important for them to get it right.

But in addition to that, many women do clothes shopping for their partner, so often even when it comes to male apparel, it’s the women who will be making the decisions. This makes women a much more viable target for fashion designers, manufacturers and retailers of clothing and footwear than men.

Breakdown of Modelling Industry

Because the majority of clothing and footwear is aimed at women, it makes sense that more female models are required to promote it. That’s why female models far outnumber male models in the industry; there are simply more modelling opportunities.

Until recently, catwalk fashion shows didn’t feature male models at all. These days, fashion designers will often create a men’s range, but it will be far smaller than the women’s, and will not be promoted as prominently.

Model Earnings

Because demand is so much higher, female models are able to apply for more modelling jobs and can command higher salaries than male models, sometimes up to five times as much. This is one of the only jobs in the world where females earn more than males for doing the same job!

The growing male modelling industry

In modern times choice and consumer spending has reached unprecedented levels, and along with offering more petite and plus-size options to shoppers, the male fashion industry has evolved and grown in its own right.

Over the last decade or so, men have been taking more of an interest in male grooming, and taking pride in your appearance and clothing is no longer considered ‘unmanly’.

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