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Male Modelling

male modelling jobsMale modelling is a highly competitive business and the industry standards are tough. As with any type of modelling, male models have to have stamina and resilience and the right attitude.

Most male models are between 5’11” and 6’2”, and weigh under 80kg. Male models usually start modelling between 18 – 25 (though that can begin younger) and modelling careers can last well into their 40s.

As you would expect, male models need to keep fit and toned. Although the modelling industry doesn’t need every male model to have a body builders frame, a fit and healthy appearance is essential.

Location is important when it comes to male modelling, it’s a good idea to research what studios and model agencies are based near you. Obviously, there will be a lot more opportunities in big cities like New York and London than in suburban towns. If you can travel to modelling shoots, then fine – but can you be there as fast as another male model, if the need arises?

Particularly if you’re marketing yourself through online model directories, or going freelance, a model portfolio can help show you at your best to potential clients. With several head shots and full body shots in business attire, sportwear and casual wear, you’ll be able to reach the widest audiences. Along with your portfolio, you should create you Z card, which will have a few of your best shots, along with clothing size, height and weight on the back. Leaving these with potential clients will greatly increase your chances of being remembered and selected.

Remember, male modelling is a tough business, so you need to be patient. Even the most attractive men in the world, some of todays top models, have been rejected more than once. If one modelling agency or client passes on you, just think of it as an opportunity to find a better modelling agency.

Be prepared to keep a flexible schedule, to be available at short notice, once you start getting bookings. Male models must be on location quickly – keep your passport up to date!