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I want to be a model

So you want to be a model?

I want to be a modelDid you know that 98% of all wannabe models never manage to sign with a reputable modelling agency and never get any paid modelling work?

So if you want to be successful at breaking into modelling, you need to give yourself all the advantages you can. You can’t just sit around waiting to be discovered, you have to have a plan!

The first thing to do is make sure you’re looking after yourself well enough to keep your look fresh, clean and glowing. Ideally you’ll be free of piercings, tattoos and blemishes. You also need to eat well, drink lots of water and have a good simple exercise and beauty regime that you stick to religiously to keep your skin healthy and your body toned.

The next thing to think about what sort of modelling you want to do. When most people think of modelling they think of parading down the catwalk at the London or New York fashion shows. If you are very tall, thin and have the kind of looks that stop traffic, then this might be an option for you. However, if you’ve got more of a girl (or boy) next door look, it’s worth considering catalogue or other photographic modelling. The rise of the Internet means that there are a lot more opportunities for models in stock photography for websites, as well as the usual brochures and catalogues.

If you’re serious about breaking into modelling then it’s worth seeking the advice of an expert. If you register on our site, you can have a consultation with one of our modelling industry experts and put together an action plan, as well as identifying the best modelling agencies for you to apply to.

Models need to be available at short notice and willing to be flexible and responsive. You have to be business minded to be a model, able to organise your time and willing to invest the time and effort to get ahead of the rest.

All professional models have a portfolio and comp cards which contain a selection of fantastic pictures which show how photogenic and versatile they are. Models usually have to cover the cost of this themselves. These days a website or online portfolio can also give you the edge.