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How to join a Modelling Agency

How to join a modelling agencyModelling Agencies get hundreds of applications per week from wannabe models and unfortunately, most of them will not be successful. So how can you give yourself the best chance of standing out from the crowd and getting your foot in the door?

How To Join A Modelling Agency: Tip 1 - Use A Decent Camera

You may or may not surprised to know how many people apply to modelling agencies with pictures that have been taken on extremely bad quality camera – even on a camera phone. That is not how to join a modelling agency. A fuzzy, pixelated picture is not going to impress the modelling scout, and is only going to give them the impression that you’re not really taking it seriously, and only applied on a whim. Agencies want a serious professional and you need to give that impression from the first moment.

How To Join A Modelling Agency: Tip 2 – Make Sure You Can Be Clearly Seen And Judged

Again, it’s surprising how many people send pictures to modelling agencies where they’re wearing hats, sunglasses or are so far away you can barely see their features. We’ve even seen pictures where the face is so obscured even their own mother wouldn’t be able to recognise them! These pictures are going straight in the bin. The scout can’t tell either way if the person in the pictures might have potential as a model, but they’re not going to waste their time getting in contact to ask them to send more suitable pictures.

How To Join A Modelling Agency: Tip 2 – Make Sure Your pictures are well targeted and without distractions

The pictures you send in to join a modelling agency should be free of complicated backgrounds, friends, brands and logos and your fashion statements. You should appear neutral and simple, wearing plain clothes which show off your figure. It’s not necessary to show as much skin as possible at this stage. The modelling submission pictures should be clearly composed so you are the main and only subject, with a plain background and in good lighting.

How To Join A Modelling Agency: Tip 3 – Select Your Modelling Agency Carefully

All modelling agencies are not alike. How to join a modelling agency will be different for each. Some agencies are international and serve all the major fashion labels and shows. Others have a strict territory that they never go beyond. Some agencies are generalists and have departments for all kinds of modelling, of all ages, sizes and shapes. Others are specialist and only deal with certain age groups, types of model or even only in body-part modelling.

Rather than wasting your time applying to all the modelling agencies you can find, you should think carefully about what kind of modelling you want to do, and what kind of modelling you might be suitable for. Then look through the lists of agencies and only apply to ones which are suitable.

How To Join A Modelling Agency: Tip 4 – Read Their Guidelines

Although the points above are a given (making sure the photo is of good enough quality and the person in the photo is clearly seen), it should go without saying that you should always read each modelling agency’s guidelines carefully and closely and follow them to the letter. Modelling Agencies are looking for any excuse to bin some of the hundreds of applications they get, so if you’ve only sent them a headshot and they’ve asked for head and full body, your pictures will go in the bin regardless.