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Glamour modelling

What is glamour modelling?

glamour modelling agencyIn the past glamour simply meant the glitz and exoticness of fame. These days however, the word has a different meaning – usually involving a limited amount of clothing. It may be lingerie, bikinis, topless or even nude.

Glamour modelling does not have to be tacky or derogatory, there are many classy nude and semi-nude images and top actresses and singers take part in glamour shoots for major magazines.

You might think glamour modelling is an easy industry to break into, an easy way to earn a bit of quick cash - but in fact it’s highly competitive.

One thing to remember before embarking on a career in glamour modelling is that your modelling work will be in the public domain forever, so you need to be 100% sure that glamour modelling is the right thing for you long term.

Getting started in glamour modelling

A good starting place is to put together a portfolio. This will give you experience modelling, and allow you to start to get used to the idea of posing for a photographer in a studio. If you are too shy or uncomfortable at the stage of building your portfolio, it may be worth considering a different form of modelling.

Once you have your portfolio you can sign up to various websites to advertise yourself and start to be invited to castings and get paid work. You can also approach agencies to try to find representation.

A lot of the websites that you can upload your photographs to are free, check them out carefully if they ask for a fee. Same goes for modelling agencies – they should not require a fee to join.

Make sure you’re model perfect!

Models should be exactly that – model human beings. That means you need to take good care of your body, especially your skin and hair. Eat healthily, exercise regularly, stay out of the sun (forget tanning beds!) and make sure you’re getting a good balance of vitamins.

But it’s about more than just looks. You have to have great interpersonal skills, be outgoing and friendly – and professional.

There are also boring elements to being a professional glamour model. It’s important to be organised, keeping track of castings and modelling jobs, and you need to be punctual. Keeping a client waiting is a sure way to lose modelling work.

You also need to be flexible, and if you are able to travel to locations at short notice, it will make you far more employable as a model.

Be careful of glamour modelling scams

All modelling is a business in which you have to be wary – there are lots of people out there looking to take advantage of beautiful young girls (not that those are in any way the only type of model!), but with glamour modelling it is even more important to be careful and stay safe.

Never agree to go to a hotel to have a casting, model agency interview or photoshoot with a photographer – it should always be at an office or studio.


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