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Get into modellingDo you want to get into modelling? Then you’ve come to the right place. Modelling Advice has everything you need to help you break into modelling and get your career on the right track.

Get into Modelling: Find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a model

Not everybody is cut out to be a model or will be able to get into modelling. It takes more than just looks and height (although that helps!). You need to have the right attitude and the right personality. If you register on our site you can have a free modelling evaluation from experts to find out if you’ve got the skills to become a model.

Get into Modelling: Find out what sort of modelling will suit you

There are many types of modelling and each person is usually suited to a different type. You can save yourself a lot of wasted time and effort by learning about the different types and concentrating on an area in which you’re most likely to get success. Whether you’re looking to break into catwalk modelling, catalogue modelling, petite modelling or something completely different, Modelling Advice has all the answers to help you get into modelling.

Get into Modelling: Get tips and advice on approaching modelling agencies

Modelling agencies have so many applications and so little time, that you need to give yourself the best chance when you first submit – you may not get a second chance! Modelling Advice can help you ensure the images you submit are the most likely to get you to the next stage and will be able to recommend the best modelling agencies which will give you the best chance of success in getting into modelling.

Get into Modelling: Prepare your modelling portfolio and comp cards

All models need a professional portfolio and comp cards once they get into modelling – the quality of these will make the difference between a flourishing career and a floundering failure. Your portfolio needs to be filled with a range of professional photographs that show you in a range of ways – from different angles and locations to different outfits and ‘characters’.

Get into Modelling: Learn how to take care of your skin, hair and body

Being a model means taking care of yourself so you’re always blemish free and glowing. Sure, even models get spots occasionally, but you need to make sure that you are living your life in such a way to keep toxins to a minimum and treat your body like the asset it is. Our guides explain what vitamins you need to keep your body healthy, the most critical things to do and avoid if you’re going to have great skin and describe a basic beauty routine.

Get into Modelling: Get all your modelling questions answered

Our experts have many years’ experience in the modelling industry and have helped hundreds of models get into modelling, so we’re able to answer all of your questions, from how much you can earn, to how to stay safe and avoid the scams to how to prepare your modelling essentials kit. You can either browse our website or register using our online form to chat to one of our experts and create your modelling action plan and get into modelling!