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Freelance Modelling

Freelance modelling jobsWhat is freelance modelling?

Freelance modelling means that the model finds their own modelling jobs, rather than relying on modelling agency to find modelling work for them.

What are the advantages of freelance modelling?

Firstly, you’re not restricted by the often strict requirements of a modelling agency. This means that if you don’t meet the height or weight minimums and maximums, you can still try to find modelling work yourself, with clients who may be more flexible.

Secondly, you get to keep all the money you earn (minus expenses, which most modelling agencies will make you cover anyway), as you don’t have to hand over the agency’s cut.

What are the disadvantages of freelance modelling?

It means you have to do a lot more of the legwork yourself, and that means building your portfolio, approaching clients, networking and generally advertising yourself. Also, if there are problems with clients, you’ll have to deal with them yourself.

What sort of freelance modelling work is available?

The fashion industry and glossy magazines tend to go via modelling agencies as they require so many models, so freelance modelling work is less likely to be catwalk or editorials – it has happened though.

However, freelance models are more likely to find work directly with local photographers and businesses. For example, a photographer may wish to build a portfolio, or create a series of pictures for stock photography. Or a local shop may like to get images of someone modelling their clothes for an advert or online store.

What should I do to become a freelance model?

Freeelance modelling is about marketing yourself. This means you have to get a top quality portfolio (don’t forget you’ll be competing with professional models who may be signed to agencies) and set up a website which shows off your portfolio.

Then you may wish to sign up to online freelance modelling directories to make sure your pictures are getting out there, in front of clients.

You’ll need to create your own Comp Card, which is basically a model’s business card. This should have all your physical statistics, contact details, and a selection of your best photographs, which show your versatility with different types of looks.

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