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Fashion Modelling

Fashion modelling jobsFashion modelling can cover clothing, accessories and beauty products. Customers like to see what a products will look like on a real person, and designers want to show their creations in the best light.

Fashion designers generally have a target ‘look’ in mind when putting together their garments. Although not always, this is generally someone young, tall and slender, with long legs. Depending on the brand, the ideal height ranges between 5’9” and 6’ and the model should ‘stand out from the crowd’.

The kind of look that appeals to modelling agencies and fashion designers at any given time changes, depending on the influences of that season.

However, the classic beauty look that the majority of models have will include large, almond shaped eyes, a symmetrical face, full lips, strong, high cheekbones and a straight, proportioned nose.

As well as being gorgeous, models need to have an ‘X’ factor – something that draws people’s eyes to them. Do you have something that makes you stand out? Piercing blue eyes? Adorable heart-shaped pout? Cut glass jawline?

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As with catalogue modelling, the core theme is transference – the model should give the impression that if the customer wears the product, they will look as good as the model does.

Male Fashion Models

Male fashion models need to be tall and toned, skinny or athletic. Male models need to have a ‘cool’ air about them, and of course have the right look for the brand. The ‘look’ could vary from boy-next-door to feminine to gothic or ruggedly handsome.

Camera Fashion modelling

Fashion models wanting to work in front of the camera need to be photogenic – which is not always the same as being beautiful. If you’d like to see how you look when photographed by a professional photographer, register for a free consultation.

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