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Contacting a modelling agency

contacting modelling agenciesModelling agencies can be very useful in finding work for models, and handling the business side of the job. Modelling agencies have contacts in the fashion industry and take care of the money side of things, as well as disputes.

So how do you go about contacting a modelling agency?

Well, the first thing to do is work out what kind of modelling you want to do. There’s no point wasting time contacting a load of agencies that aren’t offering the right kind of modelling work for you.

Browse the other articles on our site to find out more about the different types of modelling, such as fashion, catalogue, teen, body part, plus size and petite modelling. You can also read more about the advantages and disadvantages of going freelance.

Once you’ve decided what kind of modelling you’d like to do, make a shortlist of the modelling agencies

Things to consider when selecting which modelling agency to approach

Location – does the agency have offices based near you? It’s not critical but most modelling agencies require new models to come in for a face to face interview, so you’ll need to be able to visit them in person. Then, if you do get signed as a model and added to their books, each agency is more likely to find modelling jobs in their region.

Type – only the largest agencies have departments dealing with all types of modelling. Most specialise, so it’s worth narrowing down your shortlist to those that specialise in the kind of modelling you’re interested in.

Size of agency – it may be tempting to approach the largest, most famous agencies, but don’t forget that these organisations can be as picky as they like and really only take the cream of the crop. That isn’t to say you’re not as beautiful as the models they choose, but you may not have the exact ‘look’ that they’re after at that moment in time. It’s a good idea to not disregard the smaller local agencies, especially when you’re first starting out.

Submitting your photos to a modelling agency

Most modelling agencies require you to initially make contact by sending in a few photographs, and some basic physical statistics. You can usually do this online or by post.

The photos do not have to be of professional quality, but at the same time, you won’t be doing yourself doing any favours sending in blurry, low quality images. If you send in decent photographs, it’ll show that you’re serious and have a professional attitude.

The photos they require will be a headshot and a full length shot, preferably with a plain background and in good light. You shouldn’t be wearing too much make-up or anything that obscures your face, such sunglasses or a hat. Clothing doesn’t need to be completely revealing (unless you’re approaching a glamour modelling agency), but obviously it shouldn’t completely hide your figure.

Be honest about your statistics. They will weigh and measure you when you turn up for an interview (with shoes off!) so if you lie you will get found out.

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