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Child Modelling – Hints and Tips for Parents

Child modelling adviceAs with any kind of modelling, personality is just as important as looks with child modelling – in fact, it may be even more important. To make a success of child modelling, your child needs to have a bubbly, outgoing personality and be happy working with a range of people

Due to how quickly children grow up, child modelling agencies are on the lookout for new talent more than other modelling agencies

Don’t spend money on expensive photographs unless your child has been assessed for modelling and enjoys the experience

Most child modelling agencies will require a simple but clear photograph when you apply for your child to become registered as a model

Genuine child modelling agencies never charge up-front fees

You and your child will need to attend castings in order to gain paid work

Agencies will find castings for your child, and then will take a commission from what they earn. This varies, but is usually around 20%. Expenses will also be deducted

When you meet with an agency, don’t be afraid to ask questions about how they work, what they charge and success stories

Find out if the child modelling agency you are considering requires you to sign exclusively with them. If they do, can you be confident they’ll be able to find paid work?

If possible, sign with more than one agency, to increase your chances of finding paid child modelling work

All models require a professional model portfolio in order to gain paid work. To find out if your child is suitable for modelling and start building his or her portfolio, register on this site for a free professional consultation.