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Tips for Walking the Catwalk

Walking on a catwalk is not the same as normal walking, but the top models make it look natural and effortless – so how do you learn how to strut your stuff on the catwalk like a pro?

First find a place to practice in, it needs to be long enough that you can walk in a straight line for long enough, although obviously it doesn’t have to be the length of a professional runway. Make sure it’s somewhere you won’t be disturbed if that’s going to put you off or make you nervous. Having mirrors will obviously be useful for assessing how you look.

catwalk modelling guideHead

Hold you head high and look straight ahead, make sure your face is pointing exactly forward and isn’t leaning or looking to the side. Your expression should be as neutral as possible, big grins and moody pouts are equally inappropriate (unless the fashion show has a particular theme and gives directions regarding this).


Shoulders should be relaxed and slightly back, but not so much you’re shoving out your chest like a pigeon. They should slope down naturally, not be hunched up by your ears.


What you do with your arms will depend on the outfit, but as a general rule try to avoid swinging your arms about too much, just let them swing naturally. If your outfit has pockets, you may want to put your hands in them for a casual look.


Try to keep your body as still as possible. Always face dead ahead rather than swinging from side to side with each step, and try not to bob up and down. Imagine there’s a straight line parallel to the ground and centre of the catwalk, and your chest must stay as still on it as possible.


You might want to slightly lead with your hips, leaning your upper body back a bit. Don’t dramatically sashay your hips from side to side, when you walk you will have a natural sway, and overdoing it looks silly.


This is one of the areas that is most different to normal walking to get from A to B. Imagine you’re walking along a line along the ground. If you’re walking naturally, your right foot will land a little to the right of the line, and the left will land a little to the left of the line.

If you’re a model walking the catwalk, both feet should land exactly on the line. Some models even cross their feet over so their right foot lands a little to the left of the line, and vice versa. However, if you decide to do this, be very careful not to trip yourself up!


Once they reach the end of the catwalk, most models pause and pose, giving the audience a good opportunity to view the outfit. When  you stop, jut your hip out to one side, giving it buckets of attitude. If you’re wearing a jacket, this is a good time to slip it off, and sling it over one shoulder for the return walk.

Watch this video to see the above advice in action, and don't forget to register using our online form for a free modelling consultation.