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Body part modelling

What is body part modelling?

body part modelling agenciesBody part modelling is a very niche area that falls within fashion, commercial and catalogue modelling. It is where a model has a particular feature or body part which is used to advertise a specific product (such as gloves, stocking or eye make-up) in a photograph or at an exhibition.

It may seem a strange way to make a living, but a lot of models make good money because they have a unique outstanding physical quality.

This is because some fashion, commercial or catalogue models may look fantastic in full-length shots, but not have feet or hands perfect enough for a close up. This is where body part models come in.

What are the body parts most in demand for modelling?

The most common body parts that are in demand for body part modelling are hands, arms, legs, ears and feet.

This is because for particular products such as: rings, earrings, bracelets, stockings, shoes, razors, nail polish and beauty creams, the body part takes centre stage, and in most cases the rest of the model is not shown.

Most body part modelling will be photograph or film based, but there is occasional demand for live shows and exhibitions for body part models.

Getting started in body part modelling

If you think your hands, legs or something else is perfect for body part modelling, the first thing to do is do some test shots.

As with any modelling, all body parts have their ‘best’ angles, so it’s a good idea to get a professional photographer to take some pictures for you.

As well as giving an indication of whether the body part shines in photographs, this will also give you the experience of what it’s like posing in a studio and being told how to hold yourself, as well as starting to get an idea of what angles work best.

The experience gained in building your portfolio will mean you’re more skilled and professional when it comes to castings and paid modelling jobs.

body part modelling workRequirements for body part models

As with all modelling, it’s important to be healthy and blemish free. The skin on the part should be perfect. In the case of hands, they should be slender and graceful with neat, even nails. In the case of feet it’s important that toes are of descending uniform size and evenly shaped.

How much can I earn as a body part model?

Body part models earn between £1000 and £3000 per day, but don’t expect to be working every day. Most jobs last between one and six days, and busy body part models may get one to three jobs per month.

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